Our Menu


The Basic Breakfast

Two eggs any style, home-fries (with onions, garlic, herbs and special seasoning) & choice of our homemade breads (oatmeal-molasses, dark rye, or sour white), toasted: $8.95

The Basic Tofu

Local & organic tofu scrambled with fresh garlic & ginger and stir-fried in our specially seasoned olive oil. Add your choice of ingredients from our omelets ingredients list below, priced as marked. Served with home-fries & choice of our homemade breads, toasted. Starting at $9.95

Basic Breakfast Variations

Substitute jalapeno cornbread, coffee cake, scone, or bran muffins for toast. add $1.25
Substitute sourdough pancakes, waffle or French Toast for toast. Add $2.25
Substitute fresh fruit or sliced tomatoes for home-fries. n/c
Substitute oat granola or rice pudding for toast (wheat-free alternatives). n/c
Extra egg. 95¢ Extra toast. 95¢
(The above substitutions also available on most breakfast and brunch entrees.)
The Basic with sausage (patty or link), ham or bacon. $11.25
The Basic with Aidell’s smoked Chicken – Apple Sausage. $11.95
Steak & Eggs (the Basic with Rib-Eye steak, with our homemade BBQ sauce):
6 oz. steak. $13.50 | 10 oz. steak. $16.25

Create an Omelet

Start with cheese & three eggs for $11.25
Add your choice of ingredients from our list below, priced as marked. Served with home-fries & choice of our homemade breads, toasted.
Two egg omelets (w/cheese) Start at $10.25

Ingredients List

Bell peppers: 95¢ | Fresh garlic: 80¢ | Salsa: 80¢ | Olives: 95¢
Sour cream: $1.00 | Jalapenos (fresh or pickled): 85¢ | Cilantro: 80¢
Green onions: 80¢ | Green chilis: $1.50 | Fresh spinach: $1.95 | Mushrooms: $1.60
Tomatoes: $1.60 | Artichoke hearts: $1.95 | Miguel’s special salsa: $1.35
Bacon, sausage or ham: $2.60 |Avocado or guacamole: $2.60
Cheese (included on omelets): $1.00

French Toast

Two slices of our oatmeal-molasses bread, dipped in egg, cream and spices. $8.25 1/2 order. $5.25

Special Omelet

Ask your server about our kitchen’s special choice for today, or see our board in the back. specially priced at $11.75

Multi-grain cereal

Hot, multi-grain cereal or crunchy oat granola. $5.25 w/ raisins, walnuts, or almonds: $5.50 w/ raisins & nuts: $5.75

Sourdough Pancakes & Waffles

From scratch, with our own sourdough starter 1/2 stack Pancakes (3). $6.25 | Full stack (5) $8.25 Sourdough Belgian Waffle. $6.95

Fruit Pancakes

w/seasonal fruit and whipped cream.
1/2 stack: $8.95 | Full stack: $11.75

Pancake Breakfast

3 sourdough pancakes, two eggs any style, and bacon, sausage (link or patty), or ham: $11.50 sub chicken-apple sausage: Add 95¢ sub waffle for pancakes: Add 75¢

Brunch Specials

“Mike’s Mess”

Three eggs, bacon, mushrooms, & our home-fries all mixed together and topped with cheese, sour cream, tomatoes & green onions. Served with your choice of our homemade breads, toasted: $13.95
(sub any omelet ingredient for bacon: Add 75¢)

Zach’s “Old Fashioned”

Three poached eggs served on an herb roll , topped with cream sauce & crumbled bacon; our home-fries on the side: $12.95
Or Traditional Creamed Eggs, served as above with the eggs boiled and sliced.

Artichoke Frittata

Artichoke hearts baked in a frittata with Monterey Jack cheese & herbs; served with home-fries and choice of our homemade breads, toasted: $11.50

Spicy Italian Scramble

Italian sausage scrambled with two eggs, mozzarella cheese & tomatoes. Served with home-fries or fresh fruit and choice of our homemade breads, toasted: $13.25

Mike’s Mess Variations

The Tofu Mess

Home-fries, mushrooms, tofu (no eggs), topped with cheese, sour cream, tomatoes & green onions. Served with your choice of our homemade breads, toasted: $13.95

Junior Messes

regular or tofu. Start at $11.50

Chili & Eggs

Our chili of the day topped with cheese, scrambled eggs, guacamole & sour cream; served with jalapeno cornbread: $12.95

Corned Beef Hash & Eggs

Two eggs nestled in a corned beef & home-fries hash, topped with green onions & served with your choice of our homemade breads, toasted: $12.95

Pesto Scramble

Two eggs scrambled with mushrooms and fresh basil–walnut pesto. Served with home-fries or fresh fruit and choice of our homemade breads, toasted: $12.25


The Basic Burger

1/3 pound, char-broiled and served on a grilled homemade sour roll, with mayo, lettuce, tomato & onion & our homemade BBQ sauce; choice of home-fries, fresh fruit, or potato salad: $11.25
w/cheese (jack, cheddar, swiss, mozzarella, feta or blue): $11.75


On your choice of our homemade breads, (oatmeal-molasses, sour white or dark rye), toasted; with mayo, lettuce, tomato & red onion ; choice of home-fries, fresh fruit, or potato salad.
Ham: $11.25 | Turkey: $11.25 | Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato: $11.25 | Avocado, Lettuce & Tomato: $11.25
Grilled Cheese: $8.95 (Grill any of the above & add cheese: Add 75¢)

Chowders & Chilis

By the cup or by the bowl, ask your server for today’s varieties.
Cup: $3.50 | Bowl: $5.50

Soup & Sandwich

Choose any sandwich, enjoy a cup of chowder or chili instead of a side. Add $1.00 (Bowl: Add $2.00)

Basic Burger Variations

Gourmet Burger

w/smoked pepper bacon, cheese & avocado: $13.95

Pepper Bacon & Cheese Burger


Patty Melt

On dark rye with grilled onions & swiss cheese: $12.25

Catalina Veggie Burger

Our house recipe is vegan, served on your choice of oat or rye bread (non-vegan sour or sour roll on request): $11.25


Be sure to see our daily specials board (in the waiting area at the rear of the restaurant) for today’s coffee cake, soup, chili, special salsa, and other daily specials

Ahi Tuna Melt

Ahi tuna salad on our homemade rye, grilled; with melted jarlsberg swiss cheese & grilled red onion. Served with choice of home-fries, potato salad or fresh fruit: $12.25

Fresh Salads

Imperial Chicken

Marinated chicken with iceberg lettuce, sesame seeds, cilantro, almonds & green onions; with a ginger-sesame dressing: $9.75

Greek Salad

Red leaf lettuce with sliced tomato, feta cheese, cucumber, artichoke hearts & Greek olives: $9.25

Spinach Salad

Fresh spinach with swiss cheese & smoked pepper bacon, almonds & hard-boiled egg; with chutney dressing. (substitute avocado for bacon n/c): $9.75

Side Orders

Home-fried potatoes: $4.75 (trans-fat free, and vegan, made with “Smart Balance”) “Small Side”: $3.95
One egg, any style: $1.75
Plain yogurt: $1.95 | Fresh fruit, cup/bowl: $3.95 / $5.75
Ham, sausage, or bacon: $3.95 | Aidell’s Chicken-apple sausage: $4.15
Rib-eye steak 6 oz $6.25, 10 oz: $8.50
Homemade salsa (mild): 80¢ | “Miguel’s” special salsa (hot): $1.35
“A la carte” (2-egg) omelets start at $7.25
Pure maple syrup $1.40/serving
See our “ingredients list” above for misc. side prices

“Baked on the Premises”

Today’s coffee cake: $2.75
Jalapeno corn bread: $2.75
Cream cheese & raisin scone: $2.75
Buttermilk bran muffins: 2 / $2.60
“Old-Fashioned” Rice Pudding: $1.35
Our homemade breads: oatmeal-molasses, sour white or dark rye. One slice toast ($1.10) or by the loaf (check with server for daily availability): $5.75

Kid’s Stuff

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich: $3.25 | “Mickey Mouse Pancakes”: $6.50
One Egg, any style & one slice toast: $2.85 | Cup of Whole-Grain hot ceral: $2.45
Grilled Cheese Sandwich: $5.50


Coffee (organic Vienna Roast or French Roast Decaf, from “Coffeol Roasting”): $2.75
Teas (black or herbal): Earl Grey, Breakfast Blend, Green tea, mint, chamomile, Orange Spice, Constant Comment: $2.50
Milk (whole or 2%): $1.70 / $2.50 / $3.25 / $4.15
Iced Tea (our house blend): $2.35
Soft drinks & sodas (Coke/Diet, Sprite, Root Beer, Orange, Mineral water): $2.50
Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Juice: $2.50
Hot chocolate: $2.55 | “V-8” Juice: $2.50


Budweiser: $3.75 | Corona, Stella Artois: $4.50
Anchor Steam, Guinness Stout: $4.50ocol_one]

Fresh Juices

Orange, Grapefruit, Apple, Lemonade, Tangerine (seasonal), Carrot
Kids (6 oz): $2.25/ Sm (9): $3.75 Med (12): $4.25arge (16): $5.50


Glass: $5.95 Bottle: $19.50


(champagne & orange juice)
Glass: $5.95 Liter: $21.50
or try a

“Velvet Hammer”

Champagne & Guinness Stout!: $6.95twocol_one_last]

All menu items available for To-Go.

Zachary’s Features

CAFF Certified Humane Cage-free eggs from Glaum Egg Ranch in Aptos, CA.
All menu items are prepared trans-fat free.