Our Menu


The Basic Breakfast

Two eggs any style, home-fries (with onions, garlic, herbs and special seasoning) & choice of our homemade breads (oatmeal-molasses, dark rye, or sour white), toasted: $10.50

The Basic with sausage (patty or link), ham or bacon. $13.50
The Basic with Aidell’s smoked Chicken – Apple Sausage. $14.50
Steak & Eggs (the Basic with Rib-Eye steak, with our homemade BBQ sauce):
6 oz. steak. $15.95 | 10 oz. steak. $19.50

The Basic Tofu

Local & organic tofu scrambled with fresh garlic & ginger and stir-fried in our specially seasoned olive oil. Add your choice of ingredients from our omelets ingredients list below, priced as marked. Served with home-fries & choice of our homemade breads, toasted. Starting at $11.50

French Toast

Two slices of our oatmeal-molasses bread, dipped in egg, cream and spices. $9.95 1/2 order. $5.95

Basic Breakfast Variations

Substitute jalapeno cornbread, coffee cake, or bran muffins for toast. add $1.50
Substitute sourdough pancakes, waffle or French Toast for toast. add $2.50
Substitute fresh fruit or rice pudding for toast (wheat-free alternatives). n/c

Substitute fresh fruit or sliced tomatoes for home-fries. n/c

Extra egg. $1.00 Extra toast. $1.00

(The above substitutions also available on most breakfast and brunch entrees.)

Zach’s Breakfast Sandwich

On grilled oatmeal molasses toast: 2 scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon, mushrooms, green onions, home-fries, and our chipotle sauce (substitute avocado for bacon n/c): $11.95

Multi-grain cereal

Hot, multi-grain cereal. $5.95 w/ raisins, walnuts, or almonds: $6.25 w/ raisins & nuts: $6.50

Sourdough Pancakes & Waffles

From scratch, with our own sourdough starter 1/2 stack Pancakes (3). $8.25 | Full stack (5) $9.95 Sourdough Belgian Waffle. $8.25

Fruit Pancakes

w/seasonal fruit and whipped cream.
1/2 stack: $9.95 | Full stack: $13.50

Pancake Breakfast

3 sourdough pancakes, two eggs any style, and bacon, sausage (link or patty), or ham: $12.95 sub chicken-apple sausage: Add $1.25 sub waffle or French toast for pancakes: Add $1.00

Brunch Specials

“Mike’s Mess”

Our famous home-fries loaded with three eggs, bacon, & mushrooms, topped with cheese, sour cream, tomatoes & green onions. Served with your choice of our homemade breads, toasted: $15.50
(sub any omelet ingredient for bacon: Add 75¢)

Zach’s “Old Fashioned”

Three poached eggs served on an herb roll , topped with cream sauce & crumbled bacon; our home-fries on the side: $14.50
Or Traditional Creamed Eggs, served as above with the eggs boiled and sliced.

Artichoke Frittata

Artichoke hearts baked in a frittata with Monterey Jack cheese & herbs; served with home-fries and choice of our homemade breads, toasted: $12.95

Spicy Italian Scramble

Italian sausage scrambled with two eggs, mozzarella cheese & tomatoes. Served with home-fries or fresh fruit and choice of our homemade breads, toasted: $14.50
make it an omelet… add $1.00

Fresh Salsa Scramble

Two eggs scrambled with black olives and jack cheese, topped with avocado and Miguel’s salsa of the day. Served with home-fries or fresh fruit and choice of our homemade breads, toasted: $14.50
make it an omelet… add $1.00

Mike’s Mess Variations

The Tofu Mess

Home-fries, mushrooms, tofu (no eggs), topped with cheese, sour cream, tomatoes & green onions. Served with your choice of our homemade breads, toasted: $15.50

Junior Messes

regular or tofu: $12.95

Chili & Eggs

Our chili of the day topped with cheese, scrambled eggs, avocado & sour cream; served with jalapeno cornbread: $14.50

Corned Beef Hash & Eggs

Two eggs nestled in a corned beef & home-fries hash, topped with green onions & served with your choice of our homemade breads, toasted: $14.50

Pesto Scramble

(Seasonal Special-Call for Availability) Two eggs scrambled with mushrooms and fresh basil–walnut pesto. Served with home-fries or fresh fruit and choice of our homemade breads, toasted: $14.50
make it an omelet… add $1.00

Special Omelet

Call for our kitchen’s special choice for today: $14.50

Create an Omelet

Start with cheese & three eggs for $12.95
Add your choice of ingredients from our list below, priced as marked. Served with home-fries & choice of our homemade breads, toasted.
Two egg omelets (w/cheese) Start at $11.95

Ingredients List

Bell peppers: 95¢ | Fresh garlic: 80¢ | Salsa: $1.25 | Olives: 95¢
Sour cream: $1.00 | Jalapenos (fresh or pickled): 85¢ | Cilantro: 80¢
Green onions: 80¢ | Green chilis: $1.50 | Fresh spinach: $1.95 | Mushrooms: $1.60
Tomatoes: $1.60 | Artichoke hearts: $1.95 | Miguel’s special salsa: $1.65
Bacon, sausage or ham: $3.00 |Avocado: $3.00
Cheese (included on omelets): $1.25


The Basic Burger

1/3 pound, char-broiled and served on a grilled homemade sour roll, with mayo, lettuce, tomato & onion & our homemade BBQ sauce; choice of home-fries or fresh fruit: $12.50
w/cheese (jack, cheddar, swiss, mozzarella, feta or blue): $12.95


On your choice of our homemade breads, (oatmeal-molasses, sour white or dark rye), toasted; with mayo, lettuce, tomato & red onion; choice of home-fries or fresh fruit.
(Grill any sandwich below & add cheese): Add 75¢
Ham: $12.50 | Turkey: $12.50
Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato: $12.95 | Avocado, Lettuce & Tomato: $12.95
Hummus, Avocado, Lettuce, & Tomato: $13.50
Grilled Cheese: $9.95

Ahi Tuna Melt

Ahi tuna salad on our homemade rye, grilled; with melted jarlsberg swiss cheese & grilled red onion. Served with choice of home-fries or fresh fruit: $14.50

Basic Burger Variations

Gourmet Burger

w/smoked pepper bacon, cheese & avocado: $15.95

Pepper Bacon & Cheese Burger


Patty Melt

On dark rye with grilled onions & swiss cheese: $13.95

Zach’s Breakfast Burger

On grilled oatmeal molasses toast, topped with 2 fried eggs, pepper bacon, grilled onions, and cheddar cheese, plus our smoky maple mustard (served on the side): $15.95

Spinach Salad

Fresh spinach with swiss cheese & smoked pepper bacon, almonds & hard-boiled egg; with chutney dressing. (substitute avocado for bacon n/c): $11.50

Homemade Chili of the Day

Ask your server for today’s variety (meat or veggie): Cup $4.25 | Bowl $6.50 
Substitute chili for home-fries with any sandwich: Cup add $1.00 | Bowl add $2.00 

Side Orders

Home-fried potatoes: $5.50 (trans-fat free, and vegan, made with “Smart Balance”) “Small Side”: $4.50
Two eggs, any style: $3.95
Plain yogurt: $1.95 | Fresh fruit, cup/bowl: $4.50 / $6.50
Ham, sausage, or bacon: $4.35 | Aidell’s Chicken-apple sausage: $4.75
Rib-eye steak 6 oz $8.50, 10 oz: $12.00
Homemade salsa (mild): $1.25 | “Miguel’s” special salsa (hot): $1.65
“A la carte” (2-egg) omelets start at $8.25
Pure maple syrup $1.60/serving
See our “ingredients list” above for misc. side prices

“Baked on the Premises”

Today’s coffee cake: $3.50| Layer (12) $36.00 
Jalapeno corn bread: $2.95| Layer (12) $32.00 
Buttermilk bran muffins: 2 / $3.00| (Dozen) $16.00 | (1/2 Dozen) $8.00 
“Old-Fashioned” Rice Pudding: $1.50
Our homemade breads: oatmeal-molasses, sour white or dark rye. One slice toast $1.35 or by the loaf (check with server for daily availability): $6.95

Kid’s Stuff

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich: $3.95 | “Mickey Mouse Pancakes”: $7.50
One Egg, any style & one slice toast: $3.25 | Cup of Whole-Grain hot cereal: $2.95
Grilled Cheese Sandwich: $6.25


Coffee (organic Vienna Roast or French Roast Decaf, from “Coffeol Roasting”): $3.25
Teas (black or herbal): Earl Grey, Breakfast Blend, Green tea, mint, chamomile, Orange Spice, Constant Comment: $2.75
Milk (whole or 2%): $1.85 / $2.85 / $3.85 / $4.85
Iced Tea (our house blend): $2.95
Soft drinks & sodas (Coke/Diet, Sprite, Root Beer, Orange, Mineral water): $2.95
Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Juice: $2.95
Hot chocolate: $2.95 | “V-8” Juice: $2.95


PBR: $3.95 | Corona, Heinekin: $4.95
Anchor Steam, Guinness Stout: $4.95

Fresh Juices

Orange, Grapefruit, Apple, Lemonade, Tangerine (seasonal), Carrot
Kids (6 oz): $2.75/ Sm (9): $4.25 Med (12): $4.95 Large (16): $6.25


Glass: $6.50 Bottle: $20.95


(champagne & orange juice)
Glass: $6.50 Liter: $23.50
or try a

“Velvet Hammer”

Champagne & Guinness Stout!: $7.75

All menu items available for To-Go.

Or Stock Up!
(Please Call Ahead for Availability)

Loaf of our homemade bread (oatmeal molasses, sour white, or dark rye): $6.95 
Layer of our jalapeno corn bread (12): $32.00 
Layer of today’s coffee cake (12): $36.00 
Layer of our artichoke frittata (8): $32.00 
Buttermilk bran muffins (Dozen): $16.00 | (1/2 Dozen) $8.00 
Quart of today’s homemade chili: $13.25
Miguel’s Salsa of the Day: (8 oz.) $3.25 | (16 oz.) $6.25 

Zachary’s Features

CAFF Certified Humane Cage-free eggs from Glaum Egg Ranch in Aptos, CA.
All menu items are prepared trans-fat free.